Liberty in Captivity - Joseph Scinto © 2016  
  Liberty in Captivity  
  24" h x 23" l x 3" w  

Mixed - Found Stainless Steel (Dishwasher/BBQ parts), wire, latex, hydrocal cast, acrylic wash, varnish

  April 2016  

Her mightiness consolidated, shrunken down into a small-framed portion of her face.  Her neoclassical portrait is now reduced into her two characteristic tufts of hair, her forehead, her brow, the classical form of the bridge of her nose, and her two ‘mild’ eyes that are no longer in command.  They peer out from the viewing slot of a cold, confining steel door. 

Once the liberator of the huddled masses yearning to breath free, she is now the pitied wretched figure trapped in a prison of a state that she helped create.  Stifled and pondering her fate, and the details of how she arrived here, she is “Liberty in Captivity”.  She is not the “New Colossus”, but sadly she has become the “Old Colossus” yearning to breathe free.