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Joseph Scinto

a 2004 Spartan Pumper is entirely recreated exclusively with patches from various Riverside County Fire Departments. When viewed from far away, the features of the sides and rear of the pumper are clearly visible. …but when one inspects the image up close, hundreds of individual patches representative of Riverside County Fire Departments reveal themselves.

Originally created for a public art proposal for the City of Indio, California, a limited edition run of 100 signed and numbered prints are being made available through a licensing agreement between Long Island Artists Online Gallery and the new media artist, Joseph Scinto.

If you are a part of CalFire, Riverside County, or just love a firefighter, then please feel free to inquire about the art or artist. Or purchase this unique work of art print for your fire-house, office, or home today. Each signed print measures 20x30".

Thank You,
Joe Scinto New Media Artist

Accomplished Long Island Artist, Joseph Scinto, has worked in the television and motion picture industry, created several public art projects and has been teaching graphic arts at a Long Island High School for over 19 years, honing his graphic and digital-art talents to create various works of fine art.

Joseph has received many awards and honors through various exhibits, and art installations.

His art work resides in the collection's of notables ranging from WEHM Radio Station & Long Island residents in the Hampton's to accomplished public servants such as U.S. Congressman.




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